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Sep 21, - ENDURO Long-term test | Review: RockShox Reverb Stealth Die RockShox Reverb Stealth: Ein Produkt, dass sich als Klassiker.

A longer-legged, longer lasting RockShox Reverb and Reverb Stealth for 2016

On the flipside, it requires a custom frame.

review rockshox reverb stealth

Liteville is the only frame maker to offer Rickshox integration today, let's see if others follow in First thing to do when considering a dropper post This has rockshox reverb stealth review my experience with last three post from them. Reverb B1 has been night and day better as far as performance and durability. So much that I bought another one on second bike to replace another clanky LEV.

Rocksohx to choose a dropper post: No more double drop BS!

stealth review reverb rockshox

I liked the doss remote more than the transfer. I miss the doss; i just wish it was internally routed. Is the seatpost still able to lock into low or high positions during failure on a ride. Rverb overlooked "feature" is a ride saver - as the seatpost will fail unless it is a Gravity Dropper. Usable functionality, when dead, saved tennis grips pictures season goal event - of which I had trained for months and traveled rockshod get rockshox reverb stealth review.

Hmm, didn't see that.

review rockshox reverb stealth

motorcycles temecula I could be wrong,but they look almost identical to me except for where the seat bolt on and it wouldn't be the first rockshox reverb stealth review they're trying to sell us a product coming from same factory but under different names lol Bought the BrandX CRC for my last bike before selling it so only used it a couple of times but was well impressed with it.

Only one possible choice listed here for my admittedly ancient Prophet at All I see is and that's a bit short.

RockShox Reverb Stealth B1 Connectamajig Dropper Seatpost MMX

Good write up otherwise. Can't please us all and I'll upgrade eventually. The Models from Upwards are totally revised and today still a seatpost if not the only which enables you to run the cable internally and externally making it a great product for rockshox reverb stealth review your bike. Vital MTB. Think of the dropper post as your shred-mode switch: Sizing To pick a dropper post, start with establishing scott bikes denver much drop you need.

Cable Routing Most droppers are operated with a remote on the handlebars, which means a connection of some kind is required to link the remote to the post itself although some cheaper droppers still feature the control on the post itself, we certainly recommend spending enough to get a post with a bar-mounted remote, as it adds infinitely to the riding experience.

The Remote The remote is an important piece of the ergonomic dropper post puzzle, and one that may or may not have to compete for real estate on your handlebars. Infinite Travel One of the benefits of a dropper post is the ability to fine-tune your seat height on the fly, not just slamming your seat down as far as it will go. Locking Mechanism and Spring Since a dropper post needs rockshox reverb stealth review return to full height by itself, all dropper posts feature some kind of spring mechanism.

In the meantime, pick a post and cross your fingers… Weight, Price Dropper posts typically weigh in at around grams including the remote for mm of travel. Other Considerations There are several more points to consider when choosing a dropper. Cold Weather Rockshox reverb stealth review Hydraulically activated posts are particularly affected by cold weather, which leaves the remote feeling a bit stiff.

One of the first to offer a mm travel option. FOX took a long time to replace their DOSS post, one of the most reliable in the world but heavy and featuring a nasty remote. The Transfer looks to continue the reliability tradition in a rockshox reverb stealth review more up-to-date post. Edit Tags Done.

stealth rockshox review reverb

Tweet More See more documents available for RockShox products. In our eyes, the RockShox Reverb Stealth is a serious must-buy! Full Article. View technical manuals and service guides. Visit Service. Google Tag Manager. Products By Series: In the 2 years that I have owned Reverbs I have needed 4 elite cycle miami barbs, very difficult to source at rockshox reverb stealth review meetings fockshox.

Fact Sheet of RockShox Reverb Stealth B1 Connectamajig Dropper Seatpost MMX

I would always suggest having a few spares in your toolbox. You also have to be careful when flipping the bike over, as the remote is quite delicate and is expensive to replace.

review stealth rockshox reverb

Rockshox reverb stealth review is also a bit more complex on this post. Its main rival, the KS LEv can be stripped down easily by a home mechanic, but the Reverb needs to go back to a service centre if it starts to stick or get rockwhox. Choose route length: Please select: View full details. Check store stock.

reverb review rockshox stealth

Email me when available. Email me x.

The RockShox Reverb Stealth is a popular infinitely adjustable internally routed dropper post made By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor ⋅ Aug 30, . If you decide to install this post on your own, please be very careful, improper.

Your email: You must enter a valid email. Check delivery options. Select date: Please enter your bike make and model, and any specific issues you would like us to fix optional. Rider type selected: Rockshox reverb stealth review of riders: Route length: Enter town or postcode Find Stores. No matches were found.

review stealth rockshox reverb

Product Details. Rated 5 out of 5 by NDevonboy from Good post made better with new style lever Evans fitting was excellent, all worked perfectly after. The actual product is expensive but it does what its supposed to.

Date published: We share our experiences with said product and then readers have to weigh the pros and cons to decide if it's for them. Reviews that are this positive will always catch heat, that's understandable, but I stand by rockshox reverb stealth review words: Stand by your words Mike.

You are bang on. Certainly not saying the Reverb has been absolute perfection, They've had a few issues but all easily fixable. I would suggest people get the left side control if they run front and rear gears and rockshox reverb stealth review back brake right. It seems a lot safer to go for the lever and unguard your grip of bar and tire cleveland ohio on the front than the back brake.

Cuz when you want that thing down at rockshox reverb stealth review, you really want it down. The cable was also constantly needing to be replaced during the winter.

stealth rockshox review reverb

And yes, i looked after it. I-am-John Nov 30, at 2: Mike, Thanks for the reply. I agree a review is an opinion. Your review was a good one, and you made a good point about were your located and the conditions the product will be used in. I understand why the hydraulic post would work better in that situation. rockshox reverb stealth review

review stealth rockshox reverb

I am located in southern utah where it is sunny over days a year, so the rockshox reverb stealth review is not a factor. Regerb the rain with a cable actuated post possibly a Gore kit would be a response to help your cables last longer. Yes all cables stretch, I've been in the habit of pre-stretching the cables so this u locl as much of a headache.

stealth review reverb rockshox

Usually if any adjustment is needed on a cable actuated device, usually a slight turn of the barrel adjuster will fix the problem. Like you, I stand rockshox reverb stealth review what I stated. My top three stands, from experience of failure with each post, dealing with rockshox reverb stealth review companies on warranties with each post, and normal wear and tear of each post! Thanks again!

UncleCliffy Nov rwview, at My Reverb has been flawless for almost a year. No play, no bleed issues, and it just plain works Can't say I've heard the same from anyone else though. Sometimes it seems like Rfverb got the replacing mountain bike tires good one they made.

reverb review rockshox stealth

Mine has been perfect to ive never had to bleed it evan when i cut the hose down. Stampers Nov 29, at I've got two reverbs and my first gen version had issues needed a couple bleeds over its mtb helmets 2016 six months but after a switch rockshox reverb stealth review the new housing it has performed flawlessly.

The newer second gen version has been solid through its first season. Can't speak for the mechanical posts as I haven't owned one but I have no problem recommending the reverb. Kind of expensive if you pay retail and its more of a convenience item, not a necessity, so its definitely not for everyone. If rockshox reverb stealth review have the cheddar though, I say go for it.

review stealth rockshox reverb

So you've had no issues with reverbs needing to be bled at regular intervals? I had a '10 model which needed a bleed every rockshox reverb stealth review months and then had a failed poppet valve after about 10 months.

The '11 warranty replacement has been flawless however.

reverb stealth review rockshox

Even with the headaches, it is so good when working correctly, rockshox reverb stealth review worth the money, fuss and weight.

Arnoodles Nov 29, at I think having more sizes would be a benefit. Although the sizes mentioned might be the most common, it would make sense to expand.

RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper post review

At least include some sort of a shim or sleeve for larger seat tubes. Other rear bike lights that, it looks to me like they did a pretty good job. Just tsealth minor tweaks, and it would blow away the competition.

review stealth rockshox reverb

I'd love to see a The general lack of sizing with posts that use hydraulic fluid is due to fluid displacement - there just isn't enough room within them when built around a KS actually has a model that uses a remore rockshox reverb stealth review back at its head to take up the volume needed with their According to their website, the X Fusion Hilo is available in a Good call, forgot about that one.

It's smaller amount of travel lets it get away with the rockshox reverb stealth review Perfect for older or steel hardtails. Steezysix Nov 30, at 0: Pretty sure the Hilo uses a steel upper tube so probably a lot stronger, but it is heavier - I've got the With a I've heard that basically the rockshox reverb stealth review is horrible with reliability and heavy on top of that.

I've used it on long West Coast rides Whistlerflowy Desert singletrack Sedona and bmx bikes from target home out East on redstatic Quebec trails and no matter the terrain the convenience it delivers has me sold! It may sound weird - but with the Reverb it felt like my bike has more travel.

reverb stealth review rockshox

Rocckshox think it's because I am able to absorb more of the trail pumptrack style. Yes, I could get the same feeling by rockshox reverb stealth review my seatpost - but the fact of the matter is that I wasn't doing this on anything but really long descents.

review stealth rockshox reverb

Now, I'm constantly adjusting reverv and really getting the most fun out of even the shortest downhill. Now that I've been riding the Reverb for a season I really can't see myself ever going back to a mountain mountain bike equipment without one.

reverb review rockshox stealth

If you're serious about how your bike handles you need to atleast try one out. My 2 cents. Same here, I was skeptical about dropper post but I've been ridding my reverb for a year nowand it changed everything, bigger cockpit, more room to move around the bike, more range to pump, better sense of control and i go faster in general which is always a good thing ;- My rockshox reverb stealth review complaint would be the remote button which i think is just too vulnerable.

I plan to get rid of the front mech so that button will end up head down on the left side. So far so good, bleed the post once when rockshox reverb stealth review first got it very easyand forget about it, it just rockshox reverb stealth review. Nice review and I wish I was smaller to be able to use a Rockshox reverb stealth review. I'm over 6'5" and the only dropper post that has enough range is the KS i with mm.

Until now it has worked flawlessly and must say setting it up has been easy. Previously I had a Gravity Dropper that developed a lot of play and was a pain to set up.

Maxxis high roller ii 29 hope they make a mm version of the Reverb, for when the i fails: Have to say that I've seen plenty of problems with the Reverb.

Why use a dropper post? KS Lev Integra Review

Maybe not as many as the KS and certainly not as many as the Joplin but defo more than there should be. Some seem to take a lot of abuse but there are some lemons out there that I've seen blow up very quickly after return from warranty service of an initial problem.

Sharonb Nov 30, at rockshox reverb stealth review Awesome review.

RockShox Reverb Stealth B1 Dropper Seatpost MY18 | Tredz Bikes

Sounded like you had a very positive experience! I would love to trust one of the dropper posts enough to buy one. I've heard they change you riding style, the convenience far outweighs the weight.

reverb stealth review rockshox

I'm afraid. I've heard the KS were supposed to be good. Bummer to hear so much negative. Are there any problems with these when strapped to a hitch rack using one of those adapter bars that attach to your seat post and stem? Will what is a bike stem damage the seatpost over time?

I haven't test rockshox reverb stealth review a rack adapter bar, but I'm betting that it wouldn't be a good idea I can see it possibly damaging the fitting at the head. I rockshox reverb stealth review an early adopter of this post and have gone through the process of changing the original hose to the new version, swapping out the barb fittings, bleeding, etc. In that time frame I have broken the barb at the remote twice the old style that came with it and the new threaded style with the reinforced collar in really minor crashes.

RockShox Reverb Stealth

The post also needed to be bled a few times and the latest development may be blown rockshox reverb stealth review. When the post works it is awesome. But it just seems like it is so problematic or fragile. I also hate the fact that I can't easily put into my bike workstand. My 2 cents It's actually surprising how much of a pain not being able to easily clamp the post in rockshox reverb stealth review stand actually is.

review stealth rockshox reverb

Good point. I have had some serious issues with mine.

review rockshox reverb stealth

Upper air sleeve unscrews itself and pops the air seal. This happened to me after only 1 month of riding 6 days a week. Top bolts are also a bit rockshox reverb stealth review, need to be greased an torqued quite tight.

News:Installation procedure for RockShox Reverb Stealth into properly equipped Trek Remedy bicycles. If your.

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