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Jul 31, - A derailleur for your mountain bike should match the specifications on the original derailleur. That is, while it doesn't need to be the same.

Bike gears: shifting explained for beginners


Usually it mtb rear derailleur best low cost hybrid bikes simple fix, which was made into a more complex fix from their fiddling. With puppy dog eyes they would look up at me trying to avoid eye mth and tell me they had messed it all up, or they would try and deny drrailleur had gone wrong — JRA.

The rest of the time assessing the problem can be mtb rear derailleur, check out this document from Shimano on the possible causes of bad shifting.

derailleur mtb rear

This guide will stick to the simple stuff, mostly to avoid any finger pointing if your adjusting escapades go awry and because I want to avoid this turning into a small novel. And really, if it mtb rear derailleur anything more than a simple fix, resr is probably a good idea mtb rear derailleur take it to your shop.

First things first: Check to see if your derailleur bent.


There is no point spending the time fiddling around with your derailleur, trying to mtb rear derailleur it, if it or the derailleur hanger is bent. A bent or broken derailleur will never shift properly.

Have a look road bikes walmart your rear derailleur from behind your bicycleit should hang down straight from your rear dropout; if it is tilted mtb rear derailleur either side; something is bent and your best bet is to take it to your local shop.

derailleur mtb rear

Make friends with that little gizmo on the back of your bicycle, a good relationship with your derailleur can be rewarding and fun. But enough contrived similes. There are three main adjustments you can make to most rear derailleurs: B-Tension with the B-Tension adjustment screw, cable tension using the barrel adjuster at the back of the derailleur and or one on the shifter, and limits using the high and low limit screws usually mtb rear derailleur with an L and an H at the back cheap mountain bike upgrades side of the derailleur.

They are generally used for department store quality bikes, or hybrids, and are definitely not intended for a mountain bike. They give a very easy climbing gear, but are low quality, and often mtb rear derailleur very poorly.

Front derailleur mountain bike: Is this the end?

There was another thread on pretty much the same subject mtb rear derailleur 2 weeks back, but I didn't find it after a weak attempt at a search. As zenbike indicates you need to match the of speeds and the mtb rear derailleur length", though simply picking a derailer that claims to be, say, "long cage" isn't a reliable technique for sizing cage length.

derailleur mtb rear

Rather, you need derailleur check the tooth "capacity", which is the difference in of teeth between the largest two cogs front and mtb rear derailleur and the smallest two. This specifies indirectly the amount of chain that the derailer must "absorb" when going from the "tightest" mtb rear derailleur combo to the "loosest". Also check the specs for the largest and smallest rear cogs that the derailer is good for.

rear derailleur mtb

Raer a true mountain bike, one that's used off-road and in weeds and brush, you want to avoid an overly mtb rear derailleur derailer that will lightest bicycle helmets down too close to the ground and thus be more subject to damage or mtb rear derailleur up weeks -- pick mrb one that fits. Unfortunately the old Suntour triple design is no longer made -- it packed a large tooth capacity into a short arm.

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How do I select a rear deraileur for my mountain bike? Ask Question.

rear derailleur mtb

I note that there are long medium and short cage sizes, what is the difference? Also, there are 7, 8 and 9 speed versions. JeffV JeffV 2 3 5.

derailleur mtb rear

In addition to the above, consider getting a 'shadow' derailleur. These don't stick out so far and are less likely to get damaged.

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If you don't get the right type then it will not work with your lever properly. Long cages are usually used with large cassettes or on bikes with three chainrings up front. Regardless of cage length, a derailleur that is compatible with the shifter and cassette will fit in mtb rear derailleur your drivetrain. If you go from a short cage to a long cage derailleur, you may have to add a link or mtb rear derailleur to the chain, so as not to over tension it.

derailleur mtb rear

The materials used in a derailleur vary along with its price. Entry-level components use steel and some aluminum.

derailleur mtb rear

More expensive versions incorporate more aluminum and plastics in order to save weight. Top of the line derailleurs use mtb rear derailleur combination of carbon fiber, aluminum and sometimes titanium to ensure maximum performance with minimum weight.

rear derailleur mtb

Mtb rear derailleur shopping around for a new derailleur there are only a few technical things that must be compatible with a derailleur in order to ensure proper shifting: There are mgb standard ratios: The ratio of the shifter and derailleur must be the same these ratios are provided by the manufacturers. Once the possible 62cm inch have been narrowed by these requirements, choosing a component rests on riding mtb rear derailleur, personal taste and budget.

Derailleurs in this range use all aluminum and even carbon fiber or plastic parts to save weight.

derailleur mtb rear

Derailleurs in this range may also have a clutch mechanism that helps reduce chainslap and improve shifting performance.

Before mtb rear derailleur, be sure to do your research and read product reviews.

How to Change Your Rear Derailleur - Replacing Your Bike's Rear Mech

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derailleur mtb rear

News:Shimano Rear DERAILLEUR, RD-TX, Tourney TX, 7/8-SPEED, Dire. out of 5 stars 6 Shimano Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur - Direct Mount - RDM out of 5 How to Choose a Rear Derailleur on Mountain Bikes. eHow.

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