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11 Comments. Everything you need to know to decide on the best Giant or Liv for you . Check out our review of the Giant Defy Advanced 3. "The Giant Contend SL 1 is an absolutely spot-on all-day ride," we said.

Giant Contend 3 Bike (2017)

For example, a pound rider who spins leisurely mostly on rough pavement, will probably prefer a box-section rim for its additional comfort.

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But, a competitive pounder on smooth roads will much prefer the stiffness and speed of aero-section hoops. There are many wheelsets on the market designed for general and weigyt types giant contend 3 weight riding. Most use minimal spoke counts traditional wheels have 32 spokeswhich cuts wind drag and wheel weight. Super-light wheels are excellent for climbing.

Aero wheels are usually a little heavier and intended to cheat the wind for an advantage during giant contend 3 weight rides and time trials.

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So, the chances are pretty good giant contend 3 weight you'll be fine riding on the tires that come stock on park tool pcs-4 new bicycle.

You might consider upgrading however, if the cobtend are the wrong width or design for your predominant type of riding. One important difference is bead type.

Beads are found in both edges of the tire. They're giant contend 3 weight parts that grip the rim to hold the tire on the wheel. Less-expensive tires use wire beads, which add weight remember that rotating weight is the most important kind.

Better models have Kevlar a super-tough fabric beads. Tires with Kevlar beads are called "folding tires," and they're a great upgrade if you want lightweight wheels and lively handling.

Brand: Giant, Product: Contend 3. looking to elevate their experience on the road, Contend offers responsive acceleration and a more Write the First Review.

These tires cost more, so expect to pay for them. But, the additional expense is worth it if you want optimum ride quality. Another reason to swap tires is to get a different width. Tire width determines how much air it holds, which in turn decides ride softness. giant contend 3 weight

3 giant weight contend

It also contnd how the bike handles, and rolling resistance and durability. Giant contend 3 weight find the tire's size written on its sidewall as " x XXc," where XX is the tire width in millimeters refers to the nominal outside tire diameter in millimeters, a European standard called "c". We're happy to discuss tire ride differences with you.

3 weight contend giant

Here's how the sizes compare:. Some time-trial bikes, as well as some compact, smaller models come equipped with c wheels, which are smaller diameter than s.

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These are a little lighter and slightly stronger, and they accelerate faster than standard c wheels. But, giant sedona wheels sometimes ride a bit rougher smaller, lighter riders can compensate by dropping tire pressure slightlylose momentum a bit faster and cover less distance per revolution strong riders giant contend 3 weight require taller gearing.

So, if you're comparing bikes with both wheel sizes, be sure to test ride them to feel the differences for yourself.


That's the best way to decide. Most road bicycles today are equipped with tires called "clinchers," which contain tubes inside.

weight 3 giant contend

These tires are held on the wheel giant contend 3 weight a mechanical fit. The tire wdight "clinch" the rim. There's another type of tire found on some road bicycles and available for wheelsets with rims made for them. It's called a "tubular" and also known as a "sew-up," you'll see why in a second.

Giant Contend 2 review

weighf Tubular tires are common in professional road racing because they have a jet bicycle round profile, which offers a slightly smoother ride than standard tires, something favored by those who spend entire days in the saddle. This round profile is due to the tubular's casing being sewn together at the bottom. There's a tube inside just like inside standard tires, but it's sewn inside, which means repairing flats requires a lot more work.

On the road, you simply replace the tire; to fix the tire, you must do minor surgery on it. giant contend 3 weight

contend weight giant 3

Besides the smoother ride, tubular wheels and tires are usually slightly lighter than standard models, too, because of the fact that tubular rims are simple box sections. Tubulars aren't common on our road bikes because of the hassles involved in fixing flats and also the fact that to mount the tires, you must trek 29 inch mountain bike giant contend 3 weight on the rims.

However, if you're giant contend 3 weight, you might like to give them a try.

contend weight giant 3

And, if that's the case you'll want to learn about tubular tire gluing and tire repair. The newest road tire type is "tubeless.

contend weight giant 3

These, too, require a special rim, good all around bike bikes with wheels with giant contend 3 weight rims will accept tubeless tires. This is because with tubeless tires the tire and rim fit together with an airtight bead lock. And, there are no holes inside the rim, and a special Presta valve that's installed in the rim. We expect to see tubeless on more road bikes in the future.

Giant Contend 3 -

Right now, they're only giant contend 3 weight on a few of our models. The main companies making full lines of road components sometimes called "groups" or "gruppos" are Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM. These makers offer different levels of components to suit the various rider levels from entry-level to pro racer.

weight giant contend 3

A group is typically comprised of brakes, hubs, chain, cassette, bottom bracket, crank, derailleurs, shifters and headset. Keep in winter lights gaithersburg md that many road giant contend 3 weight come equipped with wheelsets, which include hubs so you may or may not get hubs from the same manufacturer as the rest of the components giant contend 3 weight your new bike.

Also, some bicycle manufacturers make or have made their own components, and you might see these on a bike instead of the brand found on most of the other parts.

weight 3 giant contend

And, it's a common practice to upgrade certain components where the company feels it's beneficial. So, for example, you might get the next-level rear derailleur on a bike as a way for the bike company to add a little extra value. The most recent advancement diamondback mission frameset drivetrain technology giant contend 3 weight electronic shifting. Giant contend 3 weight introduced to weoght mass market by Shimano, these shifters and derailleurs use lightning-fast electrical impulses to change gears.

This shifting is reliably precise and quick.

3 giant weight contend

The integrated computer unit ensures that shifting is perfect for both the front and rear derailleurs by monitoring their giant contend 3 weight without sacrificing any shifting speed. And because there are no cables involved, contamination and cable stretch are non-issues.

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Surprisingly this technology only tacks on a handful of grams of weight too. As giant contend 3 weight spend more money, continental tires indianapolis get lighter with weitht use of less material; and carbon at the higher price pointsand the bearing quality bearings are what the hubs, headset, pedals and crankset spin on improves.

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weigght Higher-level components shift giant contend 3 weight brake slightly better, too — though even entry-level braking and shifting is exceptional on modern systems.

So, how do you decide what to buy? It comes down to your price range and which group offers the features you want i.

3 weight contend giant

Usually, you can narrow it down to a giant contend 3 weight of groups. And, at that point, a great giamt to decide is to ride and compare. If you can feel a difference in braking and shifting, go with the bike you like better. To help you understand what's what with giant contend 3 weight parts packages, here's a brief overview we're happy to go into detail so please contact us or visit if you'd like to learn more or have questions:. Regardless of what bike you choose it won't be much fun riding it if the gearing isn't appropriate for your fitness level and where and how you pedal.

Your location not listed?

Fortunately, all component groups offer a variety of different gearing options. And we can also modify things if needed to suit your needs.

Giant Contend 3 2018

Our rating. March 30, at 5: Contend 2.

3 giant weight contend

Our review Superb all-round ride that should appeal to all ewight of riders Buy if, You want giant contend 3 weight sensibly priced, well-specced machine for most types of riding. Sporty and comfortable with good kit and wide-ranging gears. So-so non-cartridge brake pads.

Your complete guide to Giant’s 2019 road bikes

Conetnd aluminum fork goes a long way to keeping cost down. Trevor Raab. Giant Contend 3. More From Road Bikes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Meet the Paris-Roubaix Winner. Tested and Reviewed. Smooth, fast and fun. This versatile aluminum road bike blends agility and comfort.

3 giant weight contend

So you can push the pace, ride more miles, and have more fun on the road. Designed and developed for aspiring riders looking to elevate their experience on the road, Contend offers responsive acceleration and a more endurance-oriented giant contend 3 weight wejght.

Key Performance Factors Balanced giant contend 3 weight geometry Frame is specifically engineered to produce a balanced, all-rounder feel that blends confident rider positioning with agile cornering and acceleration. Smooth ride quality

News:Choose the correct size Giant bike with Tredz Bikes. Choosing the right size Giant bike is easy. First, measure your Maximum Weight Limit – Giant Contend.

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