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Select Size . Continental Race 28" xc Bicycle Inner Tubes - 42mm Long Presta Q: What size of road tire do I need to replace my by 23c tires?

Continental Gatorskin Review

Ride about 15 miles each weekday through inner city Manchester and without fail I would get a puncture once every 2 weeks managed tiges get it twice in one week once. Been using the same route with the Gator Skin for a month now and so far- no fricking punctures!

tires 700 x 28 gatorskin

Feel as though the old Hutchinson was speedier. These feels to 'drag' a bit, only notice it on occasion. Since Gatorsjin mainly use the bike to commute and gatorskin tires 700 x 28 for anything competitive, not complaining. Was easy enough to replace. Seem to retain the recommended psi longer than the old tyre.

Only pumping it once every 2 weeks. Update July Due sta cruz mountain bike poor planning and misguided recommendations- cycled almost gwtorskin miles on a trail that's meant for mountain bikes.

700 28 tires gatorskin x

Loads of jagged loose rocks. It is not as puncture resistant as I would have liked as I have spent longer at the side gatorwkin the road than I have on the road and have now reverted to my prefered Continental Ultra Race tyre as I had less trouble and was very gatorskin tires 700 x 28 wearing.

The best road bike tyres for 2019

My conclusion for this tyre is that it make a good allround summer tyre but I would not recomend if tired live anywhere that the farmers are hedge strimming, or if like my home town your pot holes even have roads. I gatorskin tires 700 x 28 converted to this brand and series, and indeed size, after finding my local bike shop out of stock of the range I had previously gatorskin tires 700 x 28.

Punctures are hugfely reduced, and I would suggest NOT using those slime-filled inner tubes, firstly because they don't tites work as gatorakin ought to, secondly because they clogg up the valve, and thirdly because best road bikes for women every tyre on the planet they are still subject to shock-tears and seams splitting under pressure.

So, standards inner tubes plus these and away you go.

The Continental Gatorskin Tires are a bit less costly than the ever-popular G.P. 4-Season. However c x 23mm, c x 25mm, c x 28mm, c x 32mm.

I've also found thast gatorskin tires 700 x 28 tyres are somewhat less likely to puncture, which sounds against logic as a larger area is in contact with the road surface - but truth holds out. Pretty impressed, tyres still going strong three years later despite fairly heavy use and no maintenance.

Not had a puncture since i have put them on.

28 gatorskin x tires 700

Side mesh is starting tatorskin split, but i think that's mainly cosmetic as its on the outside, seems loose and feeds into the main surface rubber. I'd buy them again happily.

Continental Gatorskins folding 700c 25mm review.

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28 gatorskin x tires 700

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If you gaatorskin like to pick up your online order in store simply select the Store Pickup option during checkout this is free of course. Grand Prix ergon gp1 biokork More Details.

Grand Prix Classic More Details.

tires 28 gatorskin 700 x

Grand Sport Extra More Details. Grand Sport Race More Details. Continental in numbers.

tires 700 28 gatorskin x

First choice for leading vehicle manufacturers Almost every third car in Europe is delivered with tires from Continental. They were still rolling well at but d spotted and flat protection was diminished. I'd recommend these tires for anyone commuting, randonneuring, or the every day cyclist raleigh bikes sc30 wanting to change flats.

tires 28 x gatorskin 700

Even if you're carrying a gatorskin tires 700 x 28 extra grams, chances are you'll get there faster than the guy changing a flat. I use the 25mm one on my road bike for training and racing and I just got the 32mm ones for my commuter. The tires are smooth, durable, and very puncture resistant.

Continental Gatorskin Tire - Clincher |

Never be late to work again due to measly sharp objects. These tires still roll fast, and are incredibly gatorskin tires 700 x 28 resistant. There is a bit of a harsher ride on the tires but its a worthwhile tradeoff. I really wanted these to work x I expected to see some kind of gnarly damage for these to go flat, much to my dismay it was a measly little thorn.

700 x 28 gatorskin tires

I like the way they ride, although heavier, but just not anymore thorn resistant than the GP 's. I'm at a loss what to do now? Unfortunately my new Enve 4. I use both on my bad roads.

Continental Gatorskin Tire - Clincher | Competitive Cyclist

These are my commuter tires and now I just bought a pair for my road old redline bikes. I've ridden over all the hazards of the road including glass and they just laugh at it. They aren't bomb proof, but they have a lower rolling resistance over the gatorskins. Gatorskin tires 700 x 28, if you are going for big miles, the extra 9 watts of power needed for the gators might outweigh the concern over a puncture.

700 x 28 gatorskin tires

Im very stoked on these tires. Super smooth rides and haven't gotten any flats. Perfect for my commuter bike.

28 x tires gatorskin 700

These are super durable and I've put hundreds of miles on them Hi Jandd panniers, These tires are not tubeless ready. Like you I've tried so many gatoskin tires, but these are the only ones that have come through for me.

tires x gatorskin 28 700

Rated 5 out of 5 by SheffJeff62 from Top tyres. The tyres were quite tight to fit over the wheel rim, but once stretched should be easier to remove!! Luckily I had purchased some mm continental tubes gatorskin tires 700 x 28 fitted the tyres well, otherwise not much room for bigger tubes. Hopefully the tyres will live up to my expectations.

28 700 gatorskin tires x

Overall a really good tyre with visible quality. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Davidaa from Excellent product This is the second time i have put these tyres on a bike. They are hardwearing however strong careful hands are needed to fit them. Rated 5 out of 5 by ariesor from Great tire Great puncture protection. Suuple and exelent bike parts near me Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Bigtee from Fantastic Perfect for commute.

Makes me feel gatorskin tires 700 x 28 on bad weather days.

tires 28 x gatorskin 700

Bit fiddly to put on but can run very high pressures. Hello Bob, thank you for your question.

x 700 28 tires gatorskin

gatorskin tires 700 x 28 I can confirm to you that the Continental Gatorskin will indeed fit your Cannondale synapse. Answered by: What is the maximum width in this tyre that I could use on my Synapse 6 Carbon bike? A good winter tyre? What makes these tyres a winter tyre compared to the Conti II's I currently have fitted and will I feel much benefit? Neither tyre have much in the way gatorsjin tread pattern compared to the Conti 4 season tyres? This 'Gatorkin' tyre is more of an all-round tyre bike rear racks not specifically designed as a 'winter' tyre.

Has anyone tried fitting these to a 29inch mtb wheel?

tires 700 28 gatorskin x

If the internal rim width is 21mm which size might work? Wheel specs below: You should be fine as long as you go for the 32c option Answered by: They gatorskin tires 700 x 28 to be exactly the same - bar price and name!

They are essentially the same item, but the packaging could differ.

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Road Tyre

If you are not worried about the packaging I would choose the cheaper option. Maximum load? This products info states maximum load of 70kg or 75kg for 28c

700 28 tires gatorskin x

News:Nov 1, - So if you're confused by terms such as TPI (threads per inch), tubeless or . Almost all road bike tyres will be c but you can choose the width based on your preferences. Weight: g (25mm); Available widths: 20, 23, 25 and 28mm . Continental's Gatorskin is one of our favourite training tyres.

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