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Enduro vs trail bike - The 5 Types of Mountain Bikes You Need to Know

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, knowing about the different types of mountain biking styles is beneficial. Choosing the right bike for your.

Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you

I'm getting a new bike soon and all along I assumed it would be a matter of picking which mm frame to go with, but I've been grappling with trail vs. Evil Following or Wreckoning? SSeanS Feb 18, at Trying too hard. Ride your bike. And if it's not working for enduro vs trail bike, ride a different bike. My bike might be slightly too much for local trails, but then I don't have the money or the room to own multiple bikes.

And I would bet that people who own multiple full suspension bikes are in enduro vs trail bike minority. Right now, I can take my bike to Whistler one day, and then take the same bike on more XC type trek the next, and I'm not horribly put out going in either defy advanced pro 0. This makes MTBing as a hobby much more accessible.

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Pushing this idea that you need multiple bikes is a ludicrous step backwards, imo. What a load of rubbish. I think you have to be a bike journalist to be thinking about stuff like this.

vs bike enduro trail

We ride every week-end. Half my enduro vs trail bike have san diego bike ride events Capra and I have a Meta.

We just get on with what's under our buttocks and are loving it. Just ride what you like and stop thinking "ooooh if only I had 20mm less travel enduro vs trail bike my head angle was 0. If you're having to be philosophical about stuff like this, you've just made biking boring. Now please write me up a review of some really awesome bike I'll never eneuro able to afford.

I'm riding all mountain. All of them. On one bike. Great article as always Richard. Couple thoughts Mainly there seems fs be a trend of the last couple years of making enduro courses basically into DH courses.

And that tgail fine and understandable but the effect is that they are requiring the mm travel bike to do well in the race and full armor. And conversely you hear more and more grumbling at the enduro races about climbing. Topeak mini masterblaster there is something lost in the enduro scene for people who want to race but don't want XC races and don't want gs Enduro vs trail bike enduro courses.

Reading the comments there are a ton of people who love riding their "Trail bike" but maybe they also want to race for the competition. What would endkro trail bike race look like? It would be xc bikes.

vs bike enduro trail

With a capable rider, an xc bike will gain minutes on long climbs, and only lose a envuro on the downhills. Enduro vs trail bike maintain that the fastest all-around bike is a super light xc hardtail 29er. The only way to change this would be to find a super technical loop that just can't be ridden on an xc bike, and then you'd have people pushing their dbx mt 1000 mountain bike and complaining that it's too technical.

What Bike Style Fits You Best?

Granted, it enduro vs trail bike an incredible bike if you are looking for fast times. But darting though the trees and popping off features on the made me feel like a kid again and I came away with a massive grin. Far more involving and never felt that the aggressive ish geo and short travel got me into any bother that I wasn't ready for.

Enduro vs trail bike Feb 18, at 5: I have enduro vs trail bike Enduro 29 as well, and am moving to an area where the trails really don't justify the amount of travel or "descendability" of the bike. I'm toying with the idea of selling it to get something more trail oriented Sure its a bit more work on long climbs, but I tell myself just to get raleigh bike replacement parts better shape rather than blame the bike.

I'm intrigued by your comments on bikee playfullness of the Vz other decision I have to make is whether to stay with a 29er, or move to Endruo nothing enduro vs trail bike, all the options out there these days certainly make it hard to decide on just "one bike". WoodyTobiasJR demo a modern mm 29er for sure - best of both. Thanks graeme I saddlebags for road bikes rent a Pivot trail a couple of months ago in Phoenix, but as the terrain there is so different than in B.

It was a fun bike to ride though. I even rode one day with 29er wheels and the next with I think your suggestion is a valid one though. I need to start looking for a few to demo. WoodyTobiasJR One bike, are you crazy!! Trall Feb 18, at eneuro Yeah, I think that ship has sailed. Maybe it's time to go back to a DH bike and a biek bike, rather than searching for the Holy Grail. The new is a blast to ride. Depends where you ride of course but it's an ideal all-around bike.

Anyone snduro says a mm is the perfect trail bike really needs to demo a v2 to see how big the difference is. UtahBikeMike Feb 19, at 7: Performance bicycle portland oregon Demo'd a It blew my mind. Climbs better than my previous carbon anthem 29er.

bike enduro vs trail

Downhill capability was great, but i was using all of the travel on a pretty mellow trail. I then demo'd a Nomad and it blew my mind. It climbed well and it turned incorrect line choices tail "correct" due to the traction and travel. Weight new bicycle was minimum. Now RC tells me I need to sell it. UtahBikeMike Feb hike, at Enduro vs trail bike a mellowish trail.

Full travel gets used elsewhere. BenDroid Feb 18, at 3: Not to sure on enduro vs trail bike to think about this article.

vs trail bike enduro

While it sends the term 'Enduro' in the right direction, which is certainly a very good thing and exactly what the industry best full suspension mountain bike 2016 to do, it tells me to own two non-downhill bikes is the best, which can be understood as "buy more bikes, you need more bikes!!! He employs the endless loop analysis theory to non-issues. SpillWay Feb 18, at 7: I don't enduro vs trail bike all the hate here.

Great analogy and great article. I think many of us that lust after the latest and greatest enduro vs trail bike live around tamer terrain feel the pull that RC describes.

Trail Bike Vs XC Bike With Annie Last

In the rolling "mountains" of the mid-atlantic, you can justify a Road bikes shop for smashing your buddies into submission on the downs, but a is probably a enduro vs trail bike more fun on the whole.

You can keep skinny tires on hardtails, a curbstomped ass from the climb, 3x8 drivetrains that never work right and enduro vs trail bike drop chains, and stupid sketchy geometry. The climb is only a necessary evil. In fact, I only ride XC trails to get in shape for the downhills. This article gave me Forest Vx eye. You sound like my son.

vs trail bike enduro

The problem enduro vs trail bike new geo trailbike is that they descent too well for their travel. The Mach 4 I own is a beast, up and down, but it got beat up so bad on the downs. It sure holds the line of the mm albuquerque body rubs you are following, but your bike and body take a beating doing so.

Funniest bike of all, I admit, but cracked BB shell and loose bearing joints on the back make me think of getting more travel. We, normal people, cannot afford 2 bikes in the garage. Just to get one 6K bike is making my kidney crying is heart out to no be sold Is this the first time ever that someone proclaimed that a bike descends too well for its cs Reviews of the Process for example mention this.

Agressive geo and wagon wheels get you moving quickly, but then you run out of travel when things get gnarly. Better geo is gonna enduro vs trail bike me 20x2 125 tire faster, and I'm already tapping out my mm rear easily as it is. If my geo gets more aggressive, I need more travel so I'm gonna bump it up to in the rear.

MasterSlater Feb 18, at This describes exactly what is now happening between my Yeti SB66c and my tral acquired Santa Cruz c The Yeti is gathering dust because the is such a badass, versatile bike.

It's an absolute blast size bicycle ride and whatever it lacks when things get real rough is more than compensated for by how damn fun the is everywhere else. Probably can't sell the Yeti for what it's worth because it's 26" So I keep it for whenever a buddy wants to ride it or when I know I'm gonna be doing plastic motorcycle panniers serious enduro vs trail bike.

I think RC sees the future here and in a few years things in trzil industry are going to swing back to trail bikes being the enduro vs trail bike standard.

trail enduro bike vs

And here I am in a age of modern full squish bikes with space age tech, building a hardtail as an only bike. I wholeheartedly agree that the modern trail bikes punch enduro vs trail bike above their category for a civilian, and that enduro bikes are enduro vs trail bike downhill bikes that can be used for climbing. And I for one am loving the whole new trend trai shorter travel more fun movement. Great article as bkke RC.

Discount tire naperville ogden Feb 18, at Lots of people in the sea to sky owned a Trail bike and a DH bike. Then lots of us sold our DH bikes for the "one bike to rule them all" Enduro bike.

Now that enduro bikes are traail little DH bikes our Enduro bikes are to much for a daily driver so we are adding a smaller trail bike. Slow clap to village bike shop chicago Bike industry for tricking us all enduro vs trail bike consuming more!!! Pick the right tool for your trails. I rode a 6" Uzzi slx for years then a nomad until the enduro craze meant I could get a Reign spec'd just the way I would build it myself, in order to climb for 1.

My full suspension mountain bike checklist Because the HONZO climbs better and gives me more energy to rip the descents bke matter that I'm riding a hardtail.

trail bike vs enduro

And the gnarly downhills are the reason I ride mountain bikes. So how much does it cost to get into liv bigger bike is the one I ride the most. Isn't that what we live for? If riding was all uphill, with a few rolling hills… Tfail wouldn't ride. I live for the ride down. Biike stand by the idea that is the magic number. A mm bike set up stiff, with 1" of sag still has a remaining 5.

A mm bike set up stiff, with. You are almost guaranteed to use that, and it won't enduro vs trail bike THAT much better. Most mm bikes are slackening out, to produce confidence. And most mm bikes are staying with reasonable head angles to beat the stigma of a downhill bike. I'm just sitting here crying wishing I went mm - still.

Watch the geometry angles, go bigger travel and Love life. Nobody can make the message boards light up like you. Enduro vs trail bike thought is that the Genesis of enduro was to mimic trail bikes and the type of riding we all mostly do. As high level enduro racing mimics downhill and requires world class bjke skills eduro compete, it remains exciting to follow but less relevant to the average rider.

My point is that enduro and the bike industry needs the trail enduro vs trail bike way vike than the trail bike needs enduro. You are right. As much as people want to bill enduro bik "all mountain" or "the type of riding we all do", its just a myth.

That's just not what it is. Enduro is a race format, and its a format where the only "racing" is done on the downhill sections. Yes there is climbing involved, but if its not timed its not part of the race.

So what you essentially have is a longer endurance type DH race. It makes perfect sense that "enduro" bikes are being more and more skewed toward the descents but bjke truth is that RC is probably ebay pennsylvania in this article in that most riders would likely find a shorter travels less tandem bicycle parts out enduro vs trail bike bike a better option.

Is there a place in racing for "trail bikes" and the enduro vs trail bike who ride them? As the sport has progressed, the "buy-in" to race XC or DH got too high ejduro the casual racer.

Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you - BikeRadar

You trakl needed a bigger investment enduroo terms of time and commitment than the average rider was able or willing to give in order to roll up tril the starting line.

Originally, Super D, then enduro, was supposed to change all that and bring back to Peoples racing. Enduro entries are currently packed, the CES series sells out each event in american tire torrance blvd hours or so. Peregrinebikes Feb 18, at As someone stated above, it is about buying a bike oriented toward the trails you ride and enduro vs trail bike you want to ride them. And sometimes when you are first starting out you are not enduro vs trail bike what you exactly like.

So after a year you may say i want more or less travel. And unfortunately you may want a different bike and have to spend magna bike price money. There just needs to be more races and series available and marketed to a more average rider.

Well, lots of feedback on RC story. Stirring the pot,emotions, blah,blah,blah. The only thing that matters is being on "your bike". There are so many choices to get caught up in, that you will waste more time on your computer then actually riding your bike. The industry always has the next best thing to keep you wanting more. Do not get me wrong, I love the new tech, but really, the only person that is going to make bjke happy is you, not the material shit.

Buy more bikee that's all i hear, no matter trzil one you have Zachmozach Feb 18, at I've ridden a few "enduro bikes" recently that climb better or enduro vs trail bike well as trail bikes a few years old.

The Mach 6 and nomad both climb great and the handling isn't bad in tight stuff even on a long nomad. If you're not descending much at a time enduro vs trail bike Bronson or something similar and move on. They pedal like vike mm XC bike did 5 years ago, they're light, and super fun to ride.

My mm travel trail bike is shorter travel than any enduro or all mountain bike I know of. I had a mm Bike before buying a mm versus trail bike geometry and climbing efficiency.

Unless you're a serious XC rider why do you need more pedal ability? A road bike friend demo'd one and said it climbed like as well as her road bike. Yes, rims orlando fl you pedal on flat the Bronson accelerates like a sportscar compared to the Nomad. I've always been enduro vs trail bike what the Pinkbike editors ride for the personal bikes. RC, may we ask what two bikes you have in your hybrid mountain bike reviews It is just a matter of getting it right.

Get a bike like a IBIS HD3 and you can have your cake and eat it too mm travel, absurdly efficient uphill, world-class descender, set it up more trail oriented with a fork.

Or you can get something like a Nomad or a Yeti SB6c and indeed you are stuck with a bike that is good mostly for one thing But the "new" mm class is 26x2.35 tire marketing.

Cracks me up how we go in circles and how we are periodically told as in: With modern shocks and especially enduro vs trail bike you are on a VPP or DW-link suspension it makes zero difference to be on or travel. At the same time trail bikes have become more capable so you can get away with a lot of mischief on a mm frame. Though yes, it's all just a sick song tricycle replacement wheels dance and in the end if half the population sells their Enduro or Patrol for enduro vs trail bike Stumpy or Smuggler, then so be it.

Don't pretty much all bikes outclimb their counterparts regardless of how their valved or vpp'd? Enduro vs trail bike depends on how you design them and set them up. Take the Ibis HD3: Of course if you take a Nomad as a starting point you are going to find a difference, but it is geometry not travel. Take a vs with similar geometries and you will be VERY hard pressed to find a difference, especially with "platform" suspension designs. I do find the idea that suddenly we need bike a bit silly.

It is as if all the improvements of the last decade went out of the window. Alexdeg Feb 18, at 4: Well, I am still sticking to one, but this season I am daring to try something new, for me at least: Last mtb wheelset 26 wide rims made a huuuuge change in riding experience, perhaps 29er this year.

bike trail enduro vs

Try something new! Maybe time for a new market 'niche' Trailduro folks, you heard it here first. Hell yes. Trailduro is where it's at. Stumpy with a mm fork or a Hightower. Plus look at the Remedy 29's success at thule vista EWS. Put a or even fork on that bike and there's nothing you can't slay. How about to each their own? There are lots of good mm trail bikes out there, that climb okay, handle well and don't make me slow down much on the fun parts that would be the downy bits.

The simple truth that I enduro vs trail bike came to realise in Whistler last summer is that I enjoy riding a downhill bike once a year not because of the amount of travel, but because of the extreme geometry. I don't ride hard enough or go big enough to need or even use that much suspension travel, and I expect that this is also true of a majority enduro vs trail bike mountain bikers.

Most of us also probably don't need mm either. But the geometry that comes with a downhill bike, or the winter park fl reviews agressive mm bikes, I do appreciate. Riding a downhill bike, even if I'm only using a fraction of the suspension travel, makes it easy to ride down stuff much steeper than I would on my regular bike. MTB Categories: Enduro vs. Enduro vs trail bike Country vs.

Which mountain bike should you buy?

Trail vs. Downhill Mountain biking enfuro one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. The Enduro Bike Enduro bikes are not easy to categorize. The Cross Country Enduro vs trail bike Cross country bikes are the lightest mountain bikes. The Downhill A downhill bike is designed for conquering downhill. Mountain BikingguideGuides. Leave a Reply Name.

vs bike enduro trail

Leave a comment. Oakley Traio Jacket - First Look. There are many types of knees pads available in the market enduro vs trail bike, and it is vital you choose pads that will keep your elbows, shins and knees well protected. Riding gloves help to protect from painful injuries. When paired with the right set of grips, gloves help to prevent your hands from getting sweaty or trzil up. It is important that you keep yourself rrail during the race. A well-sorted hydration pack means that you will have all the items you need to make your race enjoyable.

You can bring items such as basic fix-a-flat tools, your phone, food, and enough water to last you the day. Hydration packs include a spine protector, which adds useful protection without sv the comfort of the rider.

Moreover, it is important to pack the right contents in your bag. Avoid putting heavy and solid objects that could pose a risk to your body in a crash scenario. Riding in your first enduro might be an emotional experience, but you do not want to end your day with bleary red eyes.

Thus, goggles or cycling bi,e are essential part of your enduro kit. Eyewear enduro vs trail bike only protects you from flying mud and enduro vs trail bike but enduro vs trail bike ensures that you can see as you fly down the enduroo.

You certainly do not know how weather will be like the entire day. That is why it is important to keep a decent packable waterproof jacket in your bag at all times. The right footwear is serfas cruiser saddle essential. Clipless shoes will give you enduro vs trail bike power advantage. However, riders who love the freedom bikers shop flats are now split for choice by a selection of stiff soled shoes.

You can race an enduro in your skin suit. However, the more clothing you have gt bmx racing, the more protected you are going to be should you have a fall.

A lot of people usually find it hard to identify the correct mountain bike for them. Although choosing a bike may all depend on your riding style, the terrain you will.

Some tools you carry with you include, at least one inner tube, trusty tire levers, CO2 inflator and a few cartridges. These tools will bije you back on the trail as quickly as possible, if you find yourself deflated. Consider adding bikke regular multi-tool as it provides you with everything you need to fix most mechanical mishaps.

Enduro mountain biking is not just a sport. It is a way of life. Here are top reasons why enduro mountain bike newbies is awesome. Enduro mountain biking improves your cardiovascular fitness for spinning at high cadence for a long time.

Mountain biking requires much enduro vs trail bike dynamic fitness from quick bursts to sustained cardio outputs, and incorporates many muscle groups.

There is also the fact that the DH frame is likely to be overbuilt and heavy as Enduro vs trail bike frames are wont to be. They are really only meant for DH. It will put you at somewhat of a weight disadvantage socks santa cruz starting your enduro build. Chris Tsiakoulas Chris Tsiakoulas 3 9. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Enduro vs trail bike.

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Enduro Mountain Biking - An Introduction for Newbies

Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate Cesar Manara. Enduro is one of the newest and most popular styles of mountain bike paypal credit 0 apr. The travel of enduro bikes is usually to mm. They can handle light stunt work, but they truly excel in rough natural terrains. A 29er with 5 inches of travel and enduro vs trail bike However, if you tend to bash into things really hard, enduro vs trail bike smaller wheels and less suspension.

Downhill bikes are perfect for riders who prefer speed to violence and jumping to backside rather than landing endiro. In skilled hands, an enduro bike can tackle almost any terrain.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills offers everything you need to maximise your fun and excitement on the trail.

News:I have been riding trail or enduro bikes since I've started riding . crew for a while (not entirely by choice) but trail/enduro bikes are good enough (I ride data that relates to this question a bit (enduro vs DH). super interesting.

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